Mental Wellness Workshop

20% of adults experience a diagnosable mental illness such as anxiety, depression, or bi-polar disorder every year, and more than half of those diagnosed go without treatment. Living with an undiagnosed mental illness can affect all areas of life, including the workplace. In fact, mental illness is among the top three workplace issues in the country, and employees who suffer with unresolved mental illness experience a 35% reduction in productivity, contributing to a loss to the U.S. economy of $210.5 billion in absenteeism, reduced productivity, and medical costs.

However, implementing mental wellness practices can boost workplace efficiency and drive in those same individuals. Solid Ground offers mental wellness workshops designed for businesses and organizations wishing to increase efficiency, eliminate mental health stigmas, and improve overall employee well-being.

Workshop Overview

  • Who are these workshops ideal for?

Businesses ranging from 5 – 5,000 employees who don’t currently have a mental health initiative implemented in their workforce.

  • How are the workshops implemented?

Solid Ground’s Mental Health Workshops can be implemented in-person at Solid Ground’s facility in Madison, AL, for up to 12 participants. In-person workshops at an employer’s place of business are limited to 40 individuals. In addition, workshops can be done virtually for groups up to 55 people.

The max number of participants are contingent on the company’s needs, and Solid Ground will advise organizations accordingly.

  • How long are the Mental Health Workshops?

Solid Ground offers a 90-minute workshop and a 3-hour workshop.

The 3-hour workshop is not offered virtually.

  • What’s the investment to implement a Mental Health Workshop?

For 3-hour workshops at Solid Ground’s facility, the price is $200/ participant. Off-site workshops are also $200/ participant but require a $1,000 minimum charge. 90-minute workshops are offered at $100/ participant. If large groups need to be broken down into multiple trainings or if Solid Ground is contracted to return, Solid Ground will work out a price that fits the organization’s needs.

To learn more or schedule a workshop for your organization, call 256-503-8586 or email

Client Testimonials

Check out what past workshop participants have to say:

Khristen P.

“As a leader in my organization, I feel so much more secure knowing that we have to be intentional in how we deal with the stresses of life.”

Haley H.

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone who needs help managing stress in your life, especially work-related stress. I would take the workshop again tomorrow; it’s so worth it!”

H. Brockman

“Rachel and Hannah provided a genuine, sincere experience that truly made me pause and consider my mental wellness.”