Solid Ground is proud to invest in the North Alabama Community. We do this through ongoing and short-term partnerships with other businesses and organizations that share our passion for people and wellness. Below are some of our partnerships we have been honored to take part in, in our amazing community!

The Catalyst Center for Business & Entrepreneurship, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has driven economic growth and job creation in North Alabama since 2003. The Catalyst provides quality programming, personalized one-on-one coaching, and networking opportunities that build valuable business relationships as well as tools and training needed for start-ups and established businesses to successfully navigate their business journeys.

The partnership between The Catalyst and Solid Ground has consisted of free workshops covering crucial mental health topics and information. These have been offered at various points throughout the years since 2021. Solid Ground owner Rachel Sullivan knows the importance of mentally healthy business owners and believes in The Catalyst’s incredible work to support businesses in the North Alabama area. We look forward to future partnerships! 

The Grove Academy is a private micro-school for students looking for a student-centered school choice focusing on academics, small teacher-to-student ratios, and an emphasis on executive skills training. Our partnership with The Grove Academy is new to 2023. We are so excited to team up with this amazing organization. Solid Ground is partnering with Grove to bring small group counseling services as well as onsite 1-1 behavioral health counseling. 

Solid Ground supports Grove Academy’s mission to encourage, engage, and empower students and families on their educational journey. By creating a close partnership and increasing access to qualified mental health professionals, the staff and students at Grove Academy get to ensure access to mental health care, a barrier that can often interfere with a student’s ability to focus on and produce successful academic work.

The mission of the SAM Foundation is to prevent suicide through public awareness and education by equipping our communities with the skills to intervene in a suicidal crisis. They hope to change the way our communities view mental health and serve as a resource to those who have been affected by suicide and therefore making our communities more suicide safe.

Solid Ground aligns with the mission of The SAM Foundation and is working to build suicide-safer communities through informative, life-saving workshops, as well as our Counseling Scholarship. We’re proud to have collaborated with The SAM Foundation since 2020 by offering a scholarship that reduces the barrier to care for qualified clients by covering $25 towards the session fee with every therapist at Solid Ground. We believe this helps people who need assistance and support the most, gain access to crucial counseling services. Solid Ground is incredibly grateful for this special opportunity to reach the community!